My private home salon has opened to the public as a specialised, educational grooming service for Poodle breeds. As an educator I work to empower you to realise the vision you have for your dog. I will help you gain confidence in the process of grooming, understanding what your dog needs, and inspire you to have fun with styling to your taste. 

As a groomer I will take as long as is needed to keep my doggie clients feeling loved and calm.

If you want that something different or a totally new look for your poodle, try show grooming, hair colour, nail polish or my other specialised services. I would love to hear from you about your poodle!

Every poodle owner has a groomer inside them just waiting to be unleashed      




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  • Handling your dog during grooming sessions

  • Brushing and combing a curly coat

  • Trimming nails

  • Learn about Matting

  • Hygiene areas

  • Bathing techniques and products

  • Essential FLUFF DRYING

  • Ear Hygiene

  • Conditioning treatments

  • Wrapping / Banding

  • Regular Health checks


  • Learn to use clippers and scissors safely 

  • Create your own tailored groom

  • Handling your dog for clipping

  • Blade selection 

  • Clipping techniques

  • Styling technique and products

  • Basics of colouring

  • Bows and bling

  • Nail colour




  • Bathing

  • Whitening and colour enhancement treatments.

  • Stain removal

  • Coat assessment

  • Wet brushing

  • Ear plucking/cleaning

  • Fluff drying

  • Coat change care

  • Conditioning treatments

  • Wrapping and banding

  • Traditional show trims

  • Nail grinding

  • Poodle face/ feet/ tail clip

  • Coat products

  • Training

  • Spray up

From $100



Full service bath and trim plus a range of creative options. Anything is possible!


  • Feature colour ears/ tail

  • Colour body design

  • Leopard print

  • Nail polish selection

  • Nail art

  • Asian fusion styling

  • Coat carving patterns

  • Spiral tail

  • Teddy Bear

  • Spiral legs

  • Layered ears

  • Flared legs

  • Koala Ears

  • Mohawk

  • Spray ups

  • Hair banding

  • Bows and accessories

  • Photography



Prices vary on design starting at $100





  • Warm bubble Bath

  • Conditioning treatment

  • Medicated/ sensitive shampoo available on request

  • Fluff drying

  • Coat assessment

  • Sanitary clipping

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning

  • Clipper work

  • Scissorwork

  • Poodle feet/face/tail

  • Finishing products

  • Fragrance

  • Bows

From $75


Mission statement:

The Poodle Groomer inspires and empowers poodle owners through high quality, personalised grooming and education.

Grooming a curly coated dog is
a daunting prospect and it gives me heart to see an empowered dog owner with a brush or clippers in their hand 



I'm Arrow

I am a grooming instructor and creative stylist, located in Castlemaine Victoria.

I present equipped with 25 years of industry experience and knowledge. I have decided to open up my beloved home grooming studio to the public. ​Over many years of training groomers and as a salon owner, I have learned what works for dogs. And my passion lies with poodle breeds.

My studio features natural lighting which helps to create a calming environment for the grooming process. It is a relaxed atmosphere where classes and the grooming is never rushed. I work one on one in a stress free, down to earth, and professional environment. I believe relaxed and stress-free environments get the best out of our dogs, and their finished trim will always reflect that.


I listen to you to learn about your dogs lifestyle and maintenance requirements, and tailor a specific groom that fulfils your vision.


The breed that has captured my heart is the versatile poodle. As a child, I dreamed of being a pet stylist …  I love the wacky poodle personalities and that crazy coat which has endless potential.

I own three standard poodles which I enjoy scissoring into modern Japanese styles and competitive show trims. Any quiet Sunday you can follow the smell of shampoo through my garden to find me in the grooming studio, dipping oreo's into my cuppa and blissfully scissoring my dogs to the sound of 80s pop tunes. 





"Loves all the dogs she trims"

"Skilled, professional"

"We have learnt so much from Arrow about caring for Zac"

Arrow is a skilled, professional groomer and I was very fortunate to have met her. She has taken care of both my Toy and Standard poodles, and with her understanding of the breed standard, has always done an immaculate job on their coats, either to be maintained and

 readied for a Show or a general trim.  She also has a flair for Asian fusion clips. 

I cannot recommend her highly enough - her work speaks for itself. 

Janet Cameron

Solykke Toy & Standard Poodles

Arrow Black is a highly talented, professional dog groomer. She specialises in poodles and the quality of her scissor work is second to none. Arrow is very caring and genuinely loves all the dogs she trims. She does a great job with my standard poodles. 

Kathy Whiteley
Aglaia Standard Poodles

We tried four different groomers for our miniature poodle, Zac, before we found Arrow. Three of them told us he was “difficult” and took too long time to groom. The fourth shocked us when without any warning she presented him to us shorn like a sheep.

Since we found Arrow, Zac hasn’t been “difficult”, despite the fact that he does have a very tight, curly coat and can be nervous in some situations. It’s quite touching to see how much he trusts Arrow and complies with her directions, although he does NOT like being given "poodle feet".

We have learned so much from Arrow about caring for Zac and particularly his coat. She alerts us to any potential physical problems and is very generous in sharing her knowledge.

We found the earlier groomers consistently left Zac too “woolly” around the head. Arrow has a great eye, and she came up with a much nicer style for him that never fails to draw compliments in the street and the park. We very much appreciate her obvious experience, level of care and attention to detail. We recommend her highly as a groomer and as a teacher.

Charles and Jill Wright
Miniature Poodle